Invention of Robotic Lawn Mowers to Mow Sports Fields & Large Areas

If you have a large garden and are looking for the right robotic lawnmower , then you should definitely pay attention to the robotic lawnmower that can actually mow. Of course, criteria such as the geometric structure of your sports field or lawn also play a role. If your garden is designed with a steep incline, you should also check with the seller or manufacturer that the robotic lawnmower has enough power to drive up or down hills.

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robotic lawnmower large areas

Large areas require a greater number of volts, a larger battery and of course more boundary wire than small areas or robotic lawnmowers for small areas.

We compare robotic lawnmowers without a boundary wire and also robotic lawnmowers with cables. Pay attention to whether you want to lay a boundary wire in your garden or prefer to use the alternative without laying cables. The assembly of the boundary wire is associated with effort and extra costs, but the robotic lawnmower then mows a bit more precisely than the alternative without the boundary wire. After you have built the boundary wire into the lawn, it often happens that the lawn grows together with the boundary wire at some point, making it even less visible.

You can also use robotic lawn mowers or even wide deck walk behind mower for large areas for sports fields , other large facilities or for your private property. You are not interested in wasting several hours a month mowing the lawn or hiring a gardener? A robotic lawnmower saves you time and lets you do something else instead. The initial purchase price of such a robotic lawnmower is of course correspondingly high. However, you benefit from the relief in the garden and the time you save.

Robotic lawn mowers for sports fields

Sports fields have very different sizes. Normally there are sports fields starting with 4000 square meters up to 10,000 square meters. The usual sports field has an area of ​​approx. 7000sqm . If you are looking for a robotic lawnmower for your sports field, it is important to know the exact area in order to find the right robotic lawnmower. Sports fields must always be well-maintained and the quality of the lawn should not be

Have defects. However, if you want to save yourself time and work, it might make sense to use a robotic lawnmower for your sports field or several sports fields.

The advantages of a robotic lawnmower for a sports field:

+ Is quieter
+ works automatically

There are currently very few robotic lawn mowers that can mow such a large area on their own. It is advisable to use more than one robotic lawnmower if the area requires almost exactly the capacity of one robotic lawnmower. . Robotic lawn mowers or Riding Mower also helps to cover large sports fields due to its increased capacity and large blades. Don’t forget to change the blades of the robotic lawnmower after approx. 100-200 mowing hours .

The following reasons prevent the robotic lawnmower on a sports field :

-The watering of the lawn
-Obstacles in the field

You can program the robotic lawnmower to mow at specific times of the day. So the training can take place on the sports field. If the lawn is fertilized, it can quickly happen that a single robotic lawnmower can reach its limit. Another purchase of a robotic lawnmower could increase reliability. It is advisable, if you are seriously toying with the idea of ​​handing over the lawn care to the robotic lawnmower, to test a robotic lawnmower first and if the sports field needs too large a capacity to buy a second.

Robot lawnmower large areas test

So that your lawn is mowed well, it is advisable to design your own test before buying. Collect criteria that must be met and find the perfect robotic lawnmower for your large area. The weight , the performance , but also the price and the customer ratings as well as the manufacturer can be good criteria for a self-made test or comparison.

The slope of your lawn also plays an important role. Not every robot lawn mower can trim very steep lawns. In most cases, however, the manufacturer provides an indication of the gradient up to which the robotic lawnmower can drive over large areas. Do you own pets? Then you should make sure that the robotic lawnmower has fine sensors and does not accidentally bump into your pet. As a rule, robotic lawnmowers are not particularly fast and pets should be able to move around quickly enough. However, there is a residual risk. If you have tailored the test to your personal needs and then decided between several robotic lawn mowers, the chances of finding the right robotic lawn mower are much higher to have bought, as if one made such a purchase spontaneously.

Large robotic lawn mowers and robotic lawn mowers

Not only more weight but also more technology. Large robotic lawn mowers usually have a much larger capacity than the slightly smaller robotic lawn mowers. However, they also cost more. The advantage, however, is that if you should decide to move, the larger robotic lawnmower will most likely still meet the requirements of your lawn and the capacity will be sufficient. Also with large robotic lawnmowers, pay attention to the possible incline that can be overcome. You will very often find anti- theft protection in large robotic lawnmowers . It definitely makes sense, because the bigger the robot lawn mower, the more expensive it is. Of course, you could also take out suitable insurance for your robotic lawnmower.

Large mowing areas, higher weight and usually a better battery life. Large robotic lawnmowers have many advantages. The blades have to be replaced after a long time so that the robot lawn mower trims as well as it did on the first day. Also pay attention to the average annual consumption and the maximum noise level. There are also often special information for the so-called high or short cut. For large robotic lawnmowers, of course, you also need a larger robotic lawnmower garage . The lawn mower should return to its charging station on its own and therefore does not have to be carried frequently. When the lawn has been trimmed, it normally also moves back on its own.

Robotic lawn mowers for 1000 m2, 1500 m2 and 2000 m2

Robotic lawn mowers that can mulch an area of 1000m2 are not yet as large as 2000m2 but still serve their purpose and can also cope with smaller areas very well. Some robotic lawnmowers can also mulch a very large range of approx. 2000 square meters . On our website you will find robotic lawn mowers that can cover from 150 square meters to 3200 square meters. Thanks to our search function, you can find the most suitable robotic lawnmower for your needs. 1500m2 means that you already have a larger lawn area and a robotic lawnmower is very practical, especially for lawns in the higher sqm area.

Thanks to a very powerful battery, the larger robotic lawnmowers can easily cope with large areas. Remove all obstacles such as large sticks or other disruptive factors so that the performance of the robot lawn mower is not restricted.

Robot lawn mower for large areas

Robot lawn mowers for large areas need a lot of power and weigh significantly more than small robotic lawn mowers for areas from 100 to 500 square meters. Automower and other manufacturers are known for their powerful robotic lawn mowers that can mow areas of more than 1000 square meters . It is still very seldom that such large areas are mowed with robotic lawn mowers. Most of the lawnmowers are still used in private gardens. However, one can also assume an increase in the use of robotic lawn mowers if, on the one hand, you enter the term robotic lawnmowers in Google Trends or, on the other hand, look at different gardens and find more and more lawnmowers.

The larger the lawn, the more effort you can put into a robotic lawnmower. For people with grass allergies, it is also practical to have a robotic lawnmower, because it works automatically, keeps the lawn flat and thus prevents excessive grass pollen development. It also avoids mowing yourself. When it comes to robotic lawn mowers for large areas, it is worth considering theft protection and, if necessary, taking out insurance. Often you can have your own robot lawn mower protected from theft for just a few euros a month. With more and more new technologies, robotic lawn mowers are working more and more reliably and making it easier and easier to keep a large area of ​​lawn well-groomed.

So that you can get an even better picture of robotic lawnmowers for large areas, we have found a very practical video on YouTube.

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