How to Properly Care for your Contact Lenses during Sports

If you take good care of your contact lenses, they will stay with you for a long time, and that with the same level of comfort. Care is necessary due to dust and dirt particles deposits as well as natural protein and fat residues from the tear film on the contact lens surface. With proper care, such deposits will be removed and prevented.

Ultimately, it is about your eye health and inadequate care can lead to reddening and burning of the eyes and, in the worst cases, eye inflammation. With the right care and the right care products, you can enjoy contact lenses for a long time. In the case of daily contact lenses, contact lens care is largely unnecessary, since fresh contact lenses are used every day. You need to be more careful while wearing Colored contact lenses during sports. In comparison with daily contact lenses; colored contact lenses brands are cheaper just like dahab, bella or freshlook contact lenses price in Pakistan are less than daily disposable contact lenses. In general, you have to pay attention to a few points when caring for your contact lenses and when choosing care products.

Contact lens care explained step by step

The following general guidelines apply to contact lens care. Before cleaning, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. This will prevent the contact lenses from coming into contact with bacteria. Also, water should never be used for cleaning. Heavy metals (e.g. lead) and impurities (e.g. germs and bacteria) are difficult to tolerate in contact lenses. A step-by-step cleaning looks like this:

1. Surface cleaning on the palm of your hand

For surface cleaning, the lens is placed on the palm of the hand. Wet the lens with an all-in-one care product. Gently rub the contact lens between your fingertips. This makes it easier to loosen particles from the contact lens surface.

2. Rinse off

Again, use the all-in-one care product or a saline solution to rinse off the loosened film of dirt. Saline without preservatives should be used for sensitive eyes.

3. Disinfect before wearing again

Not all microorganisms are eliminated by human rubbing. You can use both combination solutions and peroxide solutions for disinfecting contact lenses. Since contact lenses require a longer period of time for disinfection, it is advisable to store the contact lenses in the solution overnight.

4. Neutralization (only necessary for peroxide systems)

If you use a peroxide solution for disinfection due to sensitive eyes or allergies to preservatives, you must neutralize the solution in which the contact lenses are located.

Attention: Peroxide solutions must never get into the eyes! Observe the package insert and instructions from your ophthalmologist or optometrist!

You should wash and dry your hands thoroughly before reinserting them. A sterile saline solution should be used to rinse off the residue of the cleaning agent from the contact lens.

Don’t forget to clean the contact lens case

The storage for your contact lenses also needs cleaning. To do this, remove the old care product from the container, rinse it with fresh care product and place it upside down on a cloth to dry. In addition, you should ideally replace it every month, at the latest after three months.

Tip: Protein remover

An additional weekly removal of protein deposits or protein deposits is recommended with a special protein remover (cleaning tablets). Enzymes break down proteins, which removes all protein residues.

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