Enjoy Extreme Outdoor Sports With Hunting Knives

Everyday life sometimes makes us forget how vast the world is and nature offers unique opportunities to feel alive and active, in touch with what is best, inside and outside of us, especially when we can share these moments! Outdoor sports bring several chances to enjoy and fall in love with the world around us. Meet some of the most loved and affordable to get you started!

The concept of outdoor sports and extreme sports

The two terms usually stick together and even are synonymous with each other under the umbrellas of the concept of adventure sports, which are those that offer us opportunities to challenge our physical ability in environments and situations that most often involve some element of nature, such as rocks, forests, bodies of water and even the heavens!

With the development of increasingly sophisticated survival and adventure equipment, Damascus tactical knives, new sports, modalities and techniques do not stop emerging, updating and further increasing the degree of challenge and safety of participants.

The vast majority of these sports are practiced in groups, collaboratively or competitively, and bring many opportunities both contemplative of nature and immersive with its elements, being considered excellent activities of socialization and even therapy.

Outdoor and extreme sports worth knowing

1. Hiking, hiking

Within the category of outdoor walking sports more extreme, we can mention two main modalities to be inspired:

  • Trekking consists of a radical sport of high intensity and demand, which usually involves the activity of crossing a natural challenge, often a mountainous area or an area with very dense afforestation.

The challenge involves cooperation, because the requirements in relation to transport and camping are great, requiring a complete material, for camping, cooking, if guided.

Its practitioners often plot challenges with immersive environments and tactics to circumvent nature’s impositions in a creative and high-performance way.

  • Hiking has a slightly lower demand from those who practice, since it does not usually require camping, releasing practitioners of a large amount of equipment.

In this modality the practitioners usually cross trails prepared previously, leaving and returning to the starting point on the same day, which increases safety, especially those who are still beginning to learn and prepare for longer challenges, because the most common trails are equipped to offer greater safety, and therefore, the modality usually has a much more contemplative character of nature and the notion of spatiality.

2. Bushcrafting and survivalism

Although we have placed these two sports on the same topic, they have essential differences between them, both in relation to execution and the concept:

  • Survival is more than a sports practice, because it consists especially of an activity of conceptualization, study and survival practice in extreme situations in different circumstances, such as in the forest, in the mountains.
  • While bushcraft is a outdoor sport that also involves a lot of study and conceptualization, but its principles have a more recreational nature, of living in nature (from the English: bush = bushes, craft = artesania, commonly called materials arts ) According to Ritzy Knives website it uses only the most essential items deliberately, especially deal with the most diverse situations in cutting woods, extracting wood, food and even hunting.

The two modalities usually involve camping, the search for food, natural crafts and the application of more Aboriginal techniques, but we can say that the former is more related to the simulation of environments and circumstances, while the second has a more recreational and contemplative nature.

3rd Mountain biking

One of the most loved and consumed modalities in the world of bikes, mountain biking is another activity that requires a lot of strength and is extremely rewarding, and like the other extreme sports we mentioned above, mtb has at least two very important modalities:

  • In Cross Country cyclists cross large areas, commonly quite rugged, with an emphasis on steeper climbs and longer, challenge-packed routes, whether within the most wooded areas or even in mountainous regions, all this will vary as each team has access.
  • The Enduro,in turn, mixes a bit of cross country and downhill, which is the descent at high speed especially on roads.
    In this mode steep descents are the main ingredient. The difficulty is usually much greater, due to the risk and the high vibration that the cyclist receives.

Both modalities can be practiced on land already prepared for teams or exploring new spaces, but it is important to use a lot of protection and have some experience in the activity.

4. We decided to close our outdoor sports list with a rather unusual and relatively new one: the Parkour. We’ve talked about mountainous, wooded environments, but what about urban environments?

Conceived in Europe, especially in 1980s France, Parkour (parcour = walking, in the French language) consists of the acrobatic exploitation of urban obstacles, but the activity goes much further: it has a strong relationship with all the street movements that were born in the 80s, such as skateboarding and bike.

Parkour integrates elements of eastern struggles, especially taekwondo, which has various acrobatic and strength movements. Its practitioners often search for abandoned areas, in rubble, or for several other natural obstacles as well. The important thing is to develop challenging motion techniques.

There is a parkour modality that has gained a lot of popularity, named Freerunning. It involves the principles of Parkour with the addition of having a greater imprint of personal expressiveness in movements.

Although both modalities have everything to do with the notion of space and corporeity, freerunning often has a greater focus on the development of individual tricks, that is, more expressive, performative and individual skills, with movement signatures, as with freestyle skateboarding.

Did you like the ideas of extreme outdoor sports to practice? all of them are accessible and can be practiced with medium equipment, in groups of friends and with expert supervision to have a greater immersion, the important thing is to go to the world and explore the new scenarios and feelings that the sport brings!

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