Ultimate Guide to Installing Sports Tent for Camping

In spring and autumn it can cool down quite a bit in the evening and the temperatures in the tent drop accordingly. But that doesn’t have to be a reason to forego sports camping. With the right heating and a few additional tricks, it stays nice and warm in the tent even when the outside temperature is low. Would you like to know how? Then read on quickly.

Tip 1: Get a suitable heater

It is of course obvious: a heater is needed. But which? It’s not easy to decide which heater is right for which tent. The overview below will help you.

Cell typeHeating typeExampleNote
Small tent (festival tent, equipment tent)ElectricSafe-T-heater 1500An electric heater is sufficient for a small room
Family tent / bus tentElectric or gasTristar KA5034If you only want to heat the seating area, an electric heater is sufficient. If you want to heat the whole tent, you need gas heating.
Winter tent / (PVC) awninggasInfrared roller heatingYou need gas heating for these winter tents. This gives off most of the heat.

Would you like to know what exactly is the difference between an electric heater and a gas heater? 

Safety tips

When using a heater in the tent, there are a few things to consider:

  • Never place the heater with its back against the tent wall. The heaters radiate their heat to the front and top. If the heater is at the back against the tent wall, the heat that rises up comes too close to the pitch of the tent and can scorch the tent fabric.
  • Your tent must always be adequately ventilated. This is the only way to keep the heater burning and prevent carbon monoxide from forming.
  • Also leave a distance of at least 1 meter at the front of the heater so that the heat can flow out easily.
  • Beware of young children and pets. Gas heaters in particular can get very warm.

Tip 2: Install a PVC tent

Look for a PVC tents in Dubai if possible. It controls extreme temperature and is a great way to lock in the warmth of heaters within the tent. The heat – including body heat – stays longer in an inner tent. So, no condensation forms in an inner tent. In extreme cold some tents quickly creates a damp and uncomfortably cool climate. To avoid this you can look for tent companies in Dubai, Ireland or UK that creates temperature controlled tents that are cost effective and ready to install.

Tip 3: Insulate the floor

Above all, the cold comes from below. So it’s important to insulate the ground well so that the cold doesn’t get a chance to get into the tent. As with clothing, the onion principle is also suitable here. This means that several layers on top of each other help better than one thick layer. Start with a groundsheet / tarpaulin and place a tent carpet over it. The tarpaulin wards off the cold and moisture from the ground, the tent carpet ensures warmth and softness for your feet.

Tip 4: Tip 4: No wet or cold things in the tent

Leave wet clothes, towels, but also cold things such as ski equipment or sleds outside. If you keep them in the tent, it will quickly become damp and cool inside.

Tip 5: keep yourself warm

Your body temperature affects the temperature in the tent. So always make sure that you are warm yourself, especially at night. To do this, you need the following things:

  • A sleeping bag that is suitable for low temperatures. Therefore, pay attention to an appropriate comfort area. More about it in our blog:  Which sleeping bag is suitable for the winter?
  • A sleeping mat / sleeping mat with a high R-value. The higher the R value, the better the mat insulates against the cold from below.
  • Don’t put on too much clothes in the sleeping bag. It is best to wear functional underwear to get the most out of the sleeping bag’s thermal output.

If you follow these tips, camping can be fun all year round! How do you keep your tent warm, do you have any tips from your own experience? Let us know in a response. You can discuss your needs with a tent manufacturer and suppliers in Dubai such as Shelter Tent. With over a decade, operating in the industry, Shelter Tent has managed to gain the reputation of one of the reliable tent companies in UAE.

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