How does Robot Vacuum work in a proper manner for Sports Carpets Indoor?

 Inside Functionality of a Robot Vacuum


Basic functions

There are a number of basic functions, which almost every robot on the market has. Practically all of them have an automatic cleaning system, by which you simply have to press a button, usually on the top, and the best vacuum with retractable cord i.e. robot vacuum will clean the home.

The vast majority also have the point cleaning function, which normally consists of the robot rotating in a spiral around a point, and which can be very interesting in the event that we have dropped something and it has been scattered.

Another very common function is the edges mode, in which the robot will go around walls, corners, and furniture legs, and which is very useful for cleaning the dirt that usually accumulates in those areas.

It is also normal for robots to return to their base by themselves when they detect that they have a low battery, and they usually have a button so that we can give the order to go to the base whenever we want.


The programming function is another of the most common; at first, it was more typical of medium and high ranges, but today there are a lot of cheap robots that also include it, the images of flooring on which a robot vacuum is placed.


The programming can be simple (for example that it cleans every day at an hour) or more complex (that we can choose different hours, some days yes and others not, or even that it cleans some areas one day and other areas another).

In any case, programming is a function that provides great comfort, since we do not worry about having to put the robot to work, and also, it can clean when we are not at home, avoiding any kind of inconvenience.

From here on, there is a great variety of functions that some robots have and others do not so that each one will have to analyze to what extent they are interesting.

Mopping and scrubbing

One of the most common is mopping and scrubbing, so that we could classify robot vacuum cleaners by dividing them between those that only vacuum, and those that also mop and scrub.

Many users do not need or do not want this function, so they can opt for a robot that does not include it and save a little; without a doubt, if you are not going to use it, you should opt for an alternative without a mop and scrubbing. However, we will tell you a little more in detail how multifunction robots work and what advantages they bring, in case it is of interest to you.

Within the robots with a scrubbing function, there are many variants. From those who simply wipe the floor with a damp mop to those with a more sophisticated system, with which they simulate human movement when scrubbing, such as the Conga 3090, with its advanced Scrubbing system, or the iLife A9s.

The soaking of the mop itself can be by decantation (the waterfalls from the tank under the effect of gravity) or by other more sophisticated systems (electric or electronic valves), which allow the water to be better dosed.

There are also robots, like some Conga (for example, the Conga 1290), which allow us to dose the water to our liking, for those cases in which the floor is more or less clean, or dirtier, or depending on the type of floor, simply choosing the scrub level, from 1 to 3.

Another aspect that varies from one robot to another is that some allow simultaneous scrubbing and vacuuming, that is, they vacuum and scrub at the same time, while others perform one function or another, but not both simultaneously.

As for the mop, it should be noted that they are usually washable, even in the washing machine, and that they can usually be used dry, without filling the water tank.

In this way, it is an element that can help us catch dust more effectively. In some cases, the mop is composed of two materials, to achieve greater effectiveness.

Additionally, if we lightly dampen the mop with a floor spray, our parquet will look impressive.

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