Advantages Of Contact Lenses For Sports – No One Will Tell You

Whether you do sports every day or occasionally, wearing contact lenses is the best choice. The lenses give you more freedom than glasses, but they offer a full field of vision and, therefore, more excellent safety. Even if you don’t wear contact lenses frequently, there is undoubtedly an option that suits you. Find out now which one!

Advantages of contact lenses for sports

  • Improved Peripheral Vision: 

Because they are applied directly to the eyes, contact lenses offer a peripheral vision that glasses cannot. By wearing the lenses, you do not miss anything happening around you, even in the corners of your view.

  • Move safely: 

Especially if you play sports where physical contact is frequent, contact lenses protect you from injuries to the eye due to bumps on the face or collisions with other players.

  • Run freely: 

Unlike glasses, contact lenses don’t slide all the time when you work out. You don’t need to rearrange them every two seconds in the middle of the game, and you can enjoy complete freedom of movement and focus on the game.

  • Sharp and precise vision: 

Whether you train in the rain, in the dust, on the grass, or in the snow, your contact lenses won’t get wet, dusty, or tarnished. With optimal vision, you can entirely focus on your performance.

  • Compatible with sports equipment: 

If your favorite sport requires the use of a helmet or headgear, contact lenses are an option that is not bulky on the face, and therefore compatible with any sports equipment.

  • UV Protection: 

Many contact lenses include a UV filter that is ideal for outdoor workouts on sunny days. Keep your eyes protected while you focus on your sporting activity. 

False myths about contact lenses for playing sports

Don’t be frightened by alarming urban legends; contact lenses are the safest option for exercise.

  • They can fall out of the eye:

It is scarce for a contact lens to drop out of the eye, as modern soft lens designs are designed to fit snugly to the eyeball. The lens may occasionally come off during contact sports, but this is extremely rare.

  • They dry out when doing outdoor sports: 

While it is true that in some outdoor games that involve speed, such as cycling or running, contact lenses can dry out due to weather conditions, there are measures to keep hydrated lenses: use artificial tears or wear sunglasses.

  • They can get stuck behind my eye

A common misconception is that it is possible to lose a lens behind the eye. However, we can confidently say that this cannot happen. Although the eye is one of the most delicate parts of the body, it is also one of the most protected. Any unwanted foreign body, such as dust or poorly positioned contact lenses, is washed away by tears or pushed against the conjunctiva until it finds its way out.

  • They can damage my eye if I get hit: 

In the unfortunate hypothesis that you get a hit in the eye by another person or by a ball, it is better to happen while wearing contact lenses rather than glasses. Modern contact lenses are made with incredibly light, soft, and smooth materials that do not damage the sight. In extreme cases, you will only experience temporary discomfort until you take off your lenses.

  • They are expensive

Playing sports with lenses doesn’t have to be costly at all. Even if you prefer to wear glasses for the rest of the time, you can keep a supply of 30 daily disposable lenses, such as the great and cheap Everclear ADM, to use only when you train. Among other things, by choosing the daily ones, you also save on the cleaning solution’s cost: wear them once and then throw them away.

  • They require a lot of maintenance:

If you choose to use disposable daily lenses only when you train, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Put them right for your sports session and then throw them away. You don’t need any solution or case.

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